Work in a wellbore or reservoir in the oil & gas industry can be complicated. From handling the extreme pressure and heat inside the well to getting out actionable data and carrying out maintenance activities, there are plenty of jobs to be done, and each of these require experience and expertise, besides precision. Starting with casing expansion tool to RigLock, equipment for such well activities need to be advanced and based on latest technologies.  Wireline services provide all of these and more to clients, so that they can focus better on intervention and maintenance of wells and reservoirs.

Understanding wirelines and slicklines

Slicklines and wirelines are both required in the oil & gas industry, but the purpose can be considerably different. In case of slicklines, only nonelectric and single strand cables are used, and mostly it is just to lower equipment and tools inside, but in some cases, slicklines can be used for adjusting certain valves and also for repairing inside components like tubing. Slicklines are supported with the help of a hydraulic system, while on the other hand, wirelines are electric in most cases and can be multi-strand as required. In the real world, wirelines are more used for measuring parameters, taking samples, and are more about evaluation and intervention of reservoirs and wellbores. Since data from wirelines are used extensively for decisions and further oil field exploration, wireline services are extremely critical.

Choosing wireline services

When it comes to wireline services, expertise and experience are aspects that matter, primarily because the real conditions and climatic aspects of an oil field can be very different from one region to another. You need a wireline service that’s reliable and has worked on oil fields and with clients in your region and has the necessary personnel, tools and equipment to handle different needs. They should be able to discuss the challenges inherent to your project and must be able to offer insights on how to tackle issues with a reservoir or well. Also, ask about their clientele and the range of work they have done so far, and do check if their wireline tools meet the current industry standards.

Wireline services are always in demand, more so because they help clients in reducing costs while also accessing expertise at the same time. You can check online to find more the best wireline services in your region and talk to a few to know their capabilities.